How We Can Help You

Web Strategy Consulting

Are you developing a plan to strengthen your relationships with your constituents or customers? We can help you identify the questions to ask and understand the vocabulary you need for a long-term strategy in the ever-changing landscape of the web.

Website Design

We know web design. We understand that design is about human communication and interaction—not just eye candy. We collaborate to make sure your visual designs square with both your brand identity and functionality needs.

Drupal Development

We can develop a new website from scratch or rescue a project that’s in trouble. Our primary expertise is working within the Drupal framework and content management system (CMS), and we’ll work best together if your needs are closely aligned with Drupal's strengths.

Data Management

If you are an organization that needs to integrate your website(s) with your constituent or customer management (CRM) software, we have experience tying them together. We bring years of experience in nonprofit development and outreach work to help you think about how to best use these tools.

Our Recent Work

We are in the process of creating a system for the National Catholic Reporter's Drupal site that makes it easy for new subscribers to purchase or give gift subscriptions as well as for existing subscribers to manage their subscriptions and add recurring donations. If they have an active subscription, users can also log-in to view the e-version of the publication on a third party vendor.

Bitch Media approached us to complete a complex Drupal upgrade that involved a redesign, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) integration and migration, and a complete overhaul of their subscription management and membership program. As a quarterly print publication, they are in the process of expanding their advocacy work. We strategize with them to develop and implement the tools to enable that transition.

Fountain House is a nonprofit organization in New York City that works with and advocates for men and women with mental illness. We spent the Fall and Winter of 2014/15 working together with the HelpsGood agency to redesign their website, along with those of its various campuses and programs.

Women Win asked us to migrate 7 separate websites from their old Content Management System (CMS) to Drupal. We ported over their old design and worked with them to use Drupal views to give them more versatility in the display of their content. We also worked to integrate their site with Salesforce.

"Congruity Works helped us think through what our tech needs were in both detailed and big picture scenarios. From there, they delivered solutions that really took advantage of the technology available to exceed our expectations for design and functionality."

- Kate Lesniak, Bitch Media

Get To Know Us

Tim Nafziger

Tim began building websites in 1999 and has been working with Drupal since 2004. He's worked with businesses, non-profits, and individuals to use open source tools to reach their audience. He also has 6 years in non profit fundraising, outreach and administration. Drawing on this experience, he works with nonprofits to develop strategies to help constituents climb the engagement ladder.

Tim is also a photographer.

Nathan Eanes

Nathan has been developing and designing on the web for over 10 years and has specialized in Drupal since 2009. As founder of a previous business and developer at Jackson River, he has worked on a wide variety of projects, including e-commerce websites and enterprise-level nonprofit fundraising platforms, and through this he has gained deep experience in programming, visual design, strategy, and creative thinking.

Nathan is a long-time entrepreneur, and has been in business, in one form or another, since middle school.

You can find Nathan on LinkedIn here.

Jake Martin-White

Jake has close to a decade of experience working in nonprofit technology, in both consulting and corporate leadership roles. With expertise in Drupal, CiviCRM, and Salesforce, he has led development of enterprise-class fundraising platforms for binational NGOs, planned and executed strategic CRM deployments, and collaborated on web projects for local grassroots charities. Jake is known for his collaborative working style, and for connecting client needs with holistic and sustainable solutions. He specializes in connecting the many data sources of an organization (websites, mailing lists, events, order fulfillment, donor management) into streamlined, efficient processes.

Outside of his professional work, Jake is an advocate for refugees, a writer, and an organizer, and has served on several nonprofit boards and committees. He holds degrees in Computer Science and Theology.